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John Stacey is regularly engaged in removing builders' rubble, demolition waste and naturally occurring materials from construction and development sites. For waste that is inert and offers recycling opportunities, we own and operate plant and machinery to separate, screen, crush and process materials for re-sale.

Hard waste arising from demolition and construction projects are processed, crushed and graded for specific applications at our licenced Recycling Centre. Meticulous segregation, selective sorting and rigorous quality control allows John Stacey to supply the construction and building industry with a comprehensive range of recycled materials that would otherwise have dropped out of the supply cycle. This helps to reduce the demand from natural aggregates like Land-worn sand and gravel and eases the pressure on landfill sites.

John Stacey far exceed the government target and reguarlly achieve recycle rates in excess of 80% to ensure that  construction aggregate is supplied from recycled sources. Recycling is not only good for the environment but also means we could offer our customers finiancial savings and still supply quality materials.

Products we offer...

Recycled Aggregates


  • Type 1

  • Screened Topsil (15mm - General Purpose - BS3882 2015)

  • 6F5

  • As dug Topsoil

  • Clean Hardcore

  • Tarmac Planings / Crushed Tarmac

  • Chalk Fill

Fill Materials

  • Granular Fill

  • Engineering Clay

  • As Dug Sands

  • Limestone

  • Ballast

  • Sands

Primary Products

  • Aggregates

  • 6N Reject

Call us on 0118 981 3531

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