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Waste Management

John Stacey owns and operates the licensed Waste Transfer and Recycling Station at Stacey Industrial Park, dedicated to the sorting, reuse and disposal of customers' sorted and unsorted waste, in large or small volumes.  Here again, environmental policies coincide with self-interest. By sorting out the wastes such as inert soil, concrete, hardcore and metals, disposal costs can be greatly reduced.

We can offer next day and same day response times, subject to availability, as well as more formally scheduled contracts.

The transfer station is staffed by personnel certified by the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board. Waste Management permits are issued and monitored by the Environment Agency.

Wherever possible, John Stacey will screen and recycle soil and materials from excavation and demolition projects, but inevitably there will be arisings for which the only solution is landfill. At our owned and controlled landfill sites, John Stacey can control and manage such waste from source to final disposal in the most environmentally friendly responsible manner.

Call us on 0118 981 3531

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