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As the owner of one of the largest fleet of construction vehicles in the South of England, John Stacey and Sons are well equipped to aid with any construction related requirement. With a robust vehicle policy and a personally tailored driver training programme the company ensures that only the safest and most compliant vehicles are on the road and are driven by the most professional and qualified drivers.


Communication is the key to our haulage hire services. From the company’s operating centre in Tadley, constant contact with all of the drivers is maintained via the state of the art radio technology. The Customer Liaison Policy keeps clients constantly up-to-date, whether their job is a large scale planned contract or a last-minute individual requirement.

All haulage staff are professionally trained ADR drivers and the Operations Centre employs computerised autoroute planning to maximise our productivity and minimise costs to the client.

Services available...



We have a fleet of 50 FORS compliant 8-wheel tippers that are ready to service the needs of any construction site in our operating region; whether that be for taking or removing materials to/from site. In addition we have a number of smaller sized veichles that are available upon request, where access is tight or the need be less.

 Low Loaders 

Our proud fleet of vehicles boasts three low loaders that have the capacity of carrying up to 45 tonne.

These type of vehicles are ideal for transporting heavy plant to and from site or completing big deliveries.


Our flat bed lorry with a crane has the capacity to lift up to 12 tonne.

We are able to also offer assistance with the production of lift plans and any necessary paperwork to help complete any lift.


As part of our Skip and Bin hire division, we are able to provide state of the art brand new Rollonoffs which have the capacity to transport waste bins that carry up to 32 tonne.


Our group of multi-lift vehicles are ideally suited to aid the movement of small plant and are extremely useful where access is tight.

 Bulk Transport 

Our Bulk transporter provides the ability to remove large scale quanitites of waste in one go.

We are able to provide all parts of our haulage fleet with the appropriately qualified driver and the necessary security clearance for MOD sites.

Call us on 0118 981 3531

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